Sanctions Have Led to Capital Outflow from Russia Worth More Than $100 Billion - Nemtsov


According to Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, the sanctions, introduced by Europe and America, are rather symbolic. However, even these sanctions have led to an outflow of $100 billion from Russia.

He said this in an interview on Ukraina TV channel, Censor.NET reports, citing Segodnya.

"They hurt Putin's friends who are billionaire oligarchs (Timchenko, Rotenberg, Sechenov). The sanction created an unpleasant nervous atmosphere around Putin, but, nevertheless, they only indirectly hit the Russian economy. They hit in the following way: money were fleeing from Russia. According to experts, during the first quarter more than $ 50 billion fled Russian, while during the first half a year more than 100 billion dollars will flee. This is very bad, because it leads to an economic crisis, recession, budget deficit. There is a crazy budget deficit on the regional level: there is not enough medicines even for severely ill, they do not build roads, houses are not being repaired. The rates are growing and prices are rising. This is a result of symbolic sanctions," he said.

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Nemtsov is certain that "regarding sectoral sanctions, they are the most painful sanctions, but not against "Rosneft" or "Gazprom". "The most painful sanctions are the sanctions on Putin's banking system. I think that these sanctions will never be introduced by Europe. These sanctions may be imposed by the U.S. if Putin gives an order to dispatch regular troops on the territory of Ukraine. Namely, Kantemirovsk division, Tamansk division, Ivanovo Airborne Division and others," he stressed.

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