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 UN Experts Found Evidence of Russian Security Service’s Involvement in the Tragedy in Odesa on May 2


UN observers in Ukraine have found evidence that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSS) participated in the tragic events in Odesa on May 2.

Censor.NET reports citing Podrobnosti

There is a evidence that turmoil in the city and events in Odesa House of Trade Unions were arranged of by the FSS officers. The participation of two officers of the main intelligence department is proved, the third report of the UN Mission for Human Rights states.

The experts have not specified the names in the document, but the text of the report makes it clear that the Russian Security Service are behind the turmoil that provoked deaths in Odesa.

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Earlier, 48 people were killed and 247 injured during the riots in Odesa on May 2.

Clashes erupted in the heart of the city in the late afternoon on May 2 between the fans of the football clubs (so-called ultras) of "Chornomorets" and "Metalist", which played in Odesa that day, and pro-Russian anti-Maidan supporters who came to prevent ultras to have a rally for united Ukraine starting from Kulikovo Pole. There were explosions and shots were heard; both sides threw stones at each other in the area of the Cathedral Square that day.

The UN established a group of human rights observers in Ukraine this year in March. UN Assistant of the Secretary General Ivan Shimonovich stated than that the purpose of the mission is to guarantee that the human rights violations in Ukraine will not be concealed.

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