Terrorists Surrounded the Remains of the IL-76's Crew and Do Not Allow to Take Them out of Luhansk

The terrorists obstruct transportation of the human remains of the Melitopol air regiment who were the crew of IL-76 and were killed in Lugansk.

This information was confirmed by the squadron commander, Lt. Col. Volodymyr Dementiev, Censor.NET reports, citing Ukrinform.

"The remains of the crew members are already on board of a plane, but the terrorists prevent their transportation. The bodies are stored in a cooling container that is not designed for long-term storage. The mercenaries know that "200" cargo (a code word used for dead bodies as they are transported from the battle) is on board, so they encircled our board and not allow us to leave," Dementiev explained.

As a reminder, on June 14, 2014 a military transport jet of the Ukrainian Army IL-76 was shot down by the terrorists during landing at the airport of Luhansk. There were 49 soldiers and crew members on board of the plane. All of them died.

Nine people who were members of the Melitopol air regiment crew will be buried in the same grave in Novoe-2 cemetery in Melitopol after identification.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n290454