Terrorists are Increasing the Number of Heavy Weapons in Snizhne and Burning Houses in Sloviansk – the Ministry of Defense

The ATO forces provide protection and defense of a certain part of the state border of Ukraine, continue to tighten the encirclement around villages and areas of the militants’ deployment, as well as ensure safe movement of people from villages under the control of the militants.

Censor.NET citing the Defense Ministry of Ukraine reports that, according to a situation report, there has been an increase in the number of heavy weapons in Snizhne and a large number of militants was spotted in Yampil.

In Sloviansk, the militants deliberately set fire to residential and administrative buildings after the attacks of these premises. And in the east of the Luhansk region a large number of militants moving in a convoy was spotted.

A group of the ATO units was ambushed by a vastly superior number of fighters. A reserve of another military unit came to the rescue of the Ukrainian troops. The terrorist attack was repelled by joint efforts. As a result, more than 30 militants were killed and wounded. One of the soldiers was wounded - he was evacuated to a medical facility.

In the afternoon there was an attack on a convoy of military vehicles near the village of Sobolivka, which was decisively repelled by the Ukrainian military with no casualties on its side.

In the past 24 hours several objects were destroyed by well-aimed fire strikes on militant positions aimed at the elimination of weapons, vehicles and terrorists.

Sloviansk and Stanichno-Luhanske remain the stress points. The militants are trying to create strengthened checkpoints, firing and defensive positions in these areas. With the help of foreign experts they set up radio controlled explosive devices.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n290305