Terrorists Who Shot Down IL-76 Were Well Prepared and Informed: Treason of the Dispatchers Is Possible - the Defence Minister

самолет крушение

The terrorists who shot down the jet yesterday with 49 Ukrainian soldiers were well prepared; the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense conducts an internal investigation regarding the circumstances of the tragedy.

Acting Ukrainian Defense Minister Mykhailo Koval said this on air of Ukraina Channel, Censor.NET reports citing UNN.

"Yesterday a terrible tragedy for all the Army of Ukraine happened. In the sky above Luhansk we lost 49 brothers in arms. Today the President declared a day of mourning. A thorough special internal investigation is conducted, a criminal investigation of an act of terrorism is pursued," the head of the Defense Ministry said.

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Koval also noted that now the Ministry of Defence experts investigate whether Russian ownedweapons that yesterdaybrought down the Ukrainian military aircraft near Luhansk.

"Was it a Russian "Utes" or "Shkval" (heavy machine gun and combat system respectively) - the investigation will find out. They fired incendiary large-caliber ammunition," Koval said.

Regarding PZRK (MANPADS) fire, the Defense Minister said that "fired rocketsaimed at the destruction of the aircraft, not to give him land, because all the bullets hit the wings where an aircraft fuel tanks are."

"Those criminals who fired at the plane were very well prepared. The crime was professionally prepared. There could be a betrayal of dispatchers who tracked the flight. There were two rockets shot and ​​a volley at the destruction of the aircraft was made," Koval explained.

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