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 Luhansk Tragedy is a Repetition of Operational Planning Mistakes, Says Journalist

Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov believes that the tragedy that occurred at Luhansk airport could have been avoided if the anti-terrorist operation leaders have taken into account all the previous mistakes of the ATO.

On his Facebook page, Butusov notes: "The Commander-in-Chief should finally give a demonstration lesson to the military command. There must be a demonstration lesson and a detailed analysis of the circumstances surrounding the loss of IL-76 with the Dnepropetrovsk paratroopers. I hope that the name of General and officers of the ATO HQ who gave orders for the IL-76 with fighters of the 25th Brigade to fly to Luhansk will be revealed no later than Monday. These men have no place in the army."

"Unfortunately, once again the main reason for losses is not the skill of the terrorists but misunderstanding the tactical situation, the underestimation of the enemy, the neglect of intelligence by the Ukrainian command, the lack of coordination between the forces of the ATO and the lack of interaction and understanding between intelligence and operational planning," says the journalist .

He underlined that "This is the main reason of combat losses of Ukraine in the war against terrorism. With inefficient planning, the level of training and equipping troops does not matter.

I gathered information from participants of war action and witnesses, analyzed the data from open sources on the Internet, and would like to draw attention of the Commander-in-Chief to the fact that the same mistakes are being repeated over and over again:

May 5, near Sloviansk, "Alpha" and "Jaguar" divisions fight: 5 killed, 3 gravely injured, over 20 suffered serious injuries.

May 9, Mariupol, fight involving the National Guard divisions, 72th mechanized brigade, "Dnepr" and "Azov" battalions: 7 killed, 5 gravely injured, 5 seriously injured.

May 13, near Kramatorsk, ambush against the 95th airmobile brigade column: 7 killed, 15 wounded.

May 23, near Volnovakha, attack on a strategic group of the 51st Mechanized Brigade: 17 killed, 31 wounded.

June 14, Luhansk airport, an attack on transport aircraft IL-76: 49 killed. "

"This is not a complete list. The number of combat losses due to gross errors of the operational planning and underestimation of the tactical situation, intelligence neglect is much more. These are just the facts that relate to the most famous clashes. These are the losses which could have been avoided or at least the number of victims could have been reduced," says Butusov.

"I ask the Commander-in-Chief and the General Staff to conduct a brief gathering of officers and generals of the ATO forces to clarify the obtained combat experience, and to prevent such egregious errors in the future. The ATO command should be flexible and above all it should to adapt its actions to the real conditions of war," sums up the journalist.

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