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 Yesterday ATO Soldiers Killed over 50 Militants and Wounded 150 – Many of them Non-Slavic Looking

минобороны армия ато

Yesterday, June 14 an air strike by the ATO aviation on militant positions in the area of Kramatorsk – Druzhkivka killed more than 50 militants and wounded 150.

This is reported by Ukrinform citing the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Censor.NET reports.

According to the report, mainly non-Slavic persons were identified among the dead.

Through effective ATO air operations a militant's ammunition depot was destroyed in the same area. Witnesses report watching explosions for three hours in the area of the air strike.

In Stanichno- Luhansk the aviation forces of the ATO eliminated two militants' checkpoints. An artillery attack was made on the militant bases.

No losses occured among the ATO participants during the surgical strikes.

During the last days near the village of Semenivka (near Sloviansk) the ATO units prevented the militants' attempts to break through the blockade, pushing them back to their original positions using return fire.

The ATO forces are conduct measures to block and destroy the militants near Schastie. Two additional checkpoints were created and other additional measures were taken for this purpose.

Terrorists continue to fire at the military checkpoints of the ATO. Such attempts are prevented by return fire.

During the period the ATO forces blocked the movement of 7 motorcades, including vans transporting weapons and ammunition for the militants. Also they destroyed two armored personnel carriers, two T-64b tanks, 2 KamAZ trucks mounted with DShK machine guns, rocket launch system BM-21 "Grad", plus another BM-21 was captured. Together with it the army captured documentation proving that it belonged to the Russian Armed Forces.

The ATO forces brought 248 kilometers of the border under control. Over ten settlements were also brought back under the control of Ukrainian servicemen.

ATO leaders once again appeal to civilians with the request to stay away from militants' bases, their checkpoints or in their combat ranks.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n290033