Army Captured and Destroyed Three Columns of the Terrorists near Snizhne. More than 40 Militants Were Killed - The Ministry of Defense

Yesterday, during fierce fighting in the south-west of Stepanivka village, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed two armored personnel carriers, two tanks and two cars KamAZ with 12.7mm heavy machine guns Kord installed on top.

This is reported by Censor.NET, quoting the press service of the Defense Ministry.

According to the Ministry, the same day the security forces captured and destroyed three columns of the terrorists. Particularly, on the road, situated south of the village of Snizhne (the Donetsk region), strikes by helicopter gunships destroyed a motorcade that invaded Ukraine from the Russian Federation.

In addition, after the strikes by helicopter gunships, paratroopers have landed and completed the defeat of the enemy. The losses of the terrorists are the following: 12 vechicles and more than 40 militants who were transporting a substantial amount of weapons and ammunition of Russian origin. Among them there were man-portable air defense systems (PZRK), anti-tank guns, and small arms.

As it was previously reported citing the Information Resistance Group, there have been a number of clashes with terrorists in the area of ​​anti-terrorism operations. According to Tymchuk, Ukrainian security forces destroyed 2 tanks that arrived earlier to help the Russian fighters.

Also the ATO forces destroyed three armored personnel carriers, two trucks transporting fighters and weapons, two vehicles with heavy machine guns with heavy machine guns DShK.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n289748