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 30 New Modern APC-3Es are Kept Away from the ATO Area, Journalist Reports


Armored vehicles were built by order of Thailand, but due to the war supply was blocked.

This is stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov in his Facebook post:

"According to Censor.Net sources, over 30 new Ukrainian APC-3Es (BTR 3-Es) have been stocked near Kyiv for the last three weeks. These armored vehicles were built by order of Thailand, but due to the war, the shipment was blocked. The arrival of these armored vehicles equipped with the latest sighting and precision artillery systems is very much anticipated by the army. Unfortunately, in the past THREE weeks the Cabinet of Ministers has not found the time to pass a decision on the transfer of the armored personnel carriers to the troops.

I ask Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to make an immediate decision about passing of the APC-3E to service of the Ministry of Defence.

I ask to send these APC-3Es to one of the best units in the ATO area - the magnificent 95th air-mobile brigade from Zhytomyr. Modern armored vehicles should not be operated independently, but as part of coherent and well-trained combat troops," Butusov wrote.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n289403