For the Coming Years, U.S. Special Forces will be Permanently Deployed in Eastern Europe


For the coming years, U.S. Special Forces will reside on the territory of Eastern Europe who are members of NATO to assist them in preparation of similar elite units.

"We have always carried out military exercises together with our partners in their territory - spokesman Special Operations Command Europe, part of the Eurocom, Lieutenant Colonel Nick Sternberg. - The difference now is that now we will support (permanent) presence of special forces in the theater of operations along the eastern front of NATO for training purposes. "

It was announced by the European Command of the U.S. Army, Censor.NET reports citing ITAR-TASS.

This decision was dictated by the need to provide additional support for NATO's Eastern European allies in connection with the crisis in Ukraine and Russia's actions.

"We have always carried out military exercises together with our partners in their territory," spokesman of Special Operations Command in Europe (part of the Eurocom), Lieutenant Colonel Nick Sternberg said. "The difference is that now we will support (permanent) presence of Special Forces in the theater of operations along the eastern border of NATO for training purposes."

As one of the representatives of the European Command announced, the total number of U.S. Special Forces troops who will constantly be in Eastern Europe will not exceed 100 people.

It is worth to remind that from the end of May U.S. Special Forces units have been engaged in maneuvers in Poland, Slovakia and the Baltic countries. It is expected that the number and scope of joint exercises of the elite units of the U.S. and other NATO countries will increase.

Earlier, the Obama administration announced that one of the main directions of its policy with regards to the situation in Ukraine is to increase support for the European NATO members, first of all, Eastern European countries. To demonstrate this support, the U.S. has sent to Poland additional aircrafts and crews of military pilots for joint training programs as well as expanded participation in patrolling Baltic airspace and started to send their warships to the Black Sea more frequently.

As reported earlier, the security of Central and Eastern Europe was discussed at the meeting held on June 3 in Warsaw with the participation of the U.S. President and the leaders of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. There Obama announced that the United States intend to strengthen its military presence in Eastern Europe and he would ask Congress to allocate an additional $ 1 billion for this. Obama said the U.S. intend to ensure safety of not only NATO member-states, but also their allies, including Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova.

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