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 Cossack Separatists from Luhansk flee to Russia before the Ukrainian Troops’ Offensive: "No One is Ready to Face Certain Death"


Panic spreads In Stanichno-Luhansk district of Luhansk region, which is densely populated with Don Cossacks sharing separatist sentiments due to the strong influence of the Russian factor.

Terrorists evacuate their families to Russia, reported June 8, 2014 on his Facebook page local Ukrainian public activist and co-chairman of "Right Cause" Dmitriy Snegiryov, informs Censor.NET citing Newsru.ua

"There is no common mind of further actions in the ranks of the separatists. Nobody is ready to die" - Snegiryov explains the thread of Cossacks' thought.

According to him, there is a large number of applications of one of the parents' consent to move minor abroad to the Russian Federation in the notary offices.

"One could say that the pro-Russian citizens have finally heard the call to move to Russia. They fear approaching Army, so there is an outflow of people from Ukraine," - said in a statement.

Formerly, this area was a center of separatism in Luhansk. So-called "Cossacks" were recruited and mobilized to form squads of the "Don Cossacks." Besides, it is the section of the border, where most actions of sabotage against the Ukrainian Border Guard take place.

The relation between "Cossacks" and pro-Russian leaders of terrorist organizations also wasn't established.

In particular, the commander of the militant group called Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), colonel of the Russian military intelligence (GRU) Igor Girkin blamed Cossack units of cowardice and surrender of town of Krasnyi Liman to Ukrainian troops in the north of the Donbas.

In his infamous video message Girkin also complained the reluctance of the Donbas male population to fight for DPR

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