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 North of Luhansk Region and the Town of Krasnyi Liman have been Secured from Terrorists - Pashynskyi


North of Luhansk region and the town of Krasnyi Liman in Donetsk region have been completely Secured from terrorists

Said Acting Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Serhyi Pashynskyi on briefing.

"It was our first great success when we completely secured the Town of Krasnyi Liman from terrorists. A Civil administration will be appointed this afternoon in Krasnyi Liman to restore vital processes in town. We also calmed situation in the north of the Luhansk region down, particularly putting nine northern districts of Luhansk under control of Ukraine," says Pashynskyi .

At the same time he expressed his conviction that the threat of the Russian Federation invasion is not so great as it was a few months ago.

Pashynskyi also claimed that the government managed to restore the defense potential of Ukraine during last three months. In particular, The National Guard was created from scratch and personnel rotation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Service in all regions of Ukraine was conducted.

However the Acting Head of Presidential Administration is currently unable to predict the end date of the Anti Terrorist Operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine due to many factors including Europe's pressure on Russia and unity of the Ukrainian people.

"I would like to bow to all the soldiers who are currently up in arms to protect our state. Our army have shown not only the miracles of heroism but also military art. And we will continue to help the new team to localize the conflict in the East in every possible way," summed up Pashynskyi

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