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 Militants are Hiding in Hospitals, Kindergartens and Recreation Centers - Seleznev

Силы АТО просят мирных жителей на находиться рядом с позициями боевиков, а террористы разворачивают опорные пункты в больницах, детских домах и жилых кварталах.

According to the Ukrainian Pravda this was stated by the head of the press center of the ATO Vladislav Seleznev .

"We are doing everything in our power to protect the population from the consequences of the anti-terrorist operation. We do appeal to local citizens, we call on them in any case not to come close to the positions of the militants and not get involved in the militant groups " - he said.

"We recommend to refrain from any movements in the streets", he added.

Seleznev underlined that troops receive the support and understanding of the local residents. "To say that we are perceived as occupiers is wrong", he said.

"We do not work in residential areas and high-rise building. We find out where the militant bases are, where they cluster and we work on these places", said Seleznev .

However, he stressed that the militants, having learned these tactics, "began to abuse it."

"They are deploying their strongholds in hospitals, kindergartens , in recreation centers, sanatoriums. If we start to fire on these objects , a hysteria in the Russian media that Ukrainian soldiers fired on civilians who are sitting in hospitals will immediately ensue. But nobody speaks of the civilians having RPGs and AGSs , and Nona s under the windows which bombard our positions",- said Seleznev .

"The militants of Sloviansk equipped their base in a hospital. This operative confirmed information ," - he said.

Asked about reports of separatists that allegedly destroyed a hospital in Krasnyy Lyman, he replied: "In Krasnyy Lymanes the active phase of the ATO is continued. It is currently impossible to prove or refute the information. As soon as the active phase is over, experts, including journalists will work in the fiekd . They will be able to see with their own eyes", he said.

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