Accident Off the Coast of Odessa is a Disaster on International Scale, Ecologist

The accident with Moldovan cargo ship Nikolay Bauman with laden plaster on board off the coast of Odessa oblast caused great damage to the environment edge. Ukrainian environmental services are unable to reverse the effects of the disaster, which exacerbated a huge oil slick.

This was stated by the ecologist, head of South Ukrainian Ecological Union Valerii Osipov, reports NR.

The ship that sunk, Nikolai Bauman is not only an environmental disaster on a local scale, but international as well. Why do I say that? Because, first of all, a 3 tonner has sunk. Now this rusty piece of metal is lying on the bottom, and there are 3 thousand tons of plaster flowing along the bottom. As a result, a lot of fish has died, all these crustaceans, crabs and clams," said the ecologist.

In addition, according to the expert the effects of oil spill have hurt the Danube Biosphere Reserve.

"I think the Danube Biosphere Reserve will file large claims to the shipowner. Petroleum fell into the Danube marshes, and spring had come and there are birds there already, and, above all, birds that are listed as endangered. This is a great environmental damage," Osipov said.

Ecologist is confident that the effects of the oil spill will not be eliminated by anyone, because Ukrainian services are not able to solve such problems, and claims that the spot will go away on its own which is not true.

"I'm not sure that any services have taken steps to eliminate these effects. The reason I say this is because I am sure that today with the economic base of our services are not able to quickly resolve the issue of saving nature. The spot is already out to sea," said the expert. "They are just writing that the spot will evaporate or resolve itself - this is nonsense. For it to evaporate it is necessary for the temperature to be at least +30"

As reported earlier, the ship Nikolay Bauman under the flag of Moldova was going from Turkey to the port of Kherson laden with plaster and equipment, and sank near the mouth of Starostambulskoie 5 km away from the zero kilometer in the Black Sea. The engine room had 4 tons of fuel and lubricants. None of the crew members was injured.

Danube prosecutors supervisors in the field of transport made in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigation information about criminal offenses under part 1 article 243 of the Criminal Code - "Marine pollution" and in Part 1 of Art. 242 - "Violation of the rules of protection of waters."

Course of pre-trial investigation is supervised by Odessa region prosecution.

Later, the Odessa oblast prosecutor's office informed that the area of the oil spill is more than 840 thousand square meters.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n235987