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 Svoboda Asks Klitschko to Decide: Either He Runs for Mayor, or They Will Campaign for Another Candidate

MP from Svoboda faction Andrii Illenko outlined the possible candidates for the post of Kyiv mayor.

"There are Kuzhel, Kyrylenko, Tomenko, Poroshenko ... Leaders of political parties will sit down and agree, don't you worry," said Illenko, addressing reporters in the studio.

In this context, he noted that Svoboda appealed to leader of Udar Vitali Klitschko with a demand to confirm whether he is going to run for mayor of Kiev. "We turned to Klitschko said 'Mr. Vitali, you decide if you are going to run for mayor, we are ready to support you. And if you're not ready, or if you have other plans, say it, and then we will look for other candidate, because we should not lose the chance to campaign for him or her," said the MP.

At the same time, in his opinion, the agreement between the opposition forces should be comprehensive, that is, you must not only agree on a single candidate for mayor of the capital, but also on the distribution of responsibilities in the future city council.

At that Illenko noted that the key issue is an agreement on a common candidate for the post of Kyiv mayor. "I am personally convinced that the opposition should nominate a single candidate for the post of Kyiv mayor. And, of course, we need to coordinate our efforts in the single constituency districts for Kyiv City Council to ensure total victory of the democratic forces in the city of Kyiv," he stressed.

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