Negotiations of Viktor Yanukovych and Putin were not really negotiations but men's conversation.

Negotiations of Viktor Yanukovych and Putin were not really negotiations but a man to man conversation.

Such conclusions were made in the News of the Week on the Russian TV channel by well-known Russian journalist Dmitriy Kiselev.

"It was not a negotiation but a conversation - man to man - which lasted until after midnight. As usual, Yanukovych asked to reduce the price of gas, to accelerate installation of nuclear power plants in Ukraine and to build AN aircraft together faster. As usual, Putin explained that the key to everything is Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union," said Kiselev.

Later in the story Putin again promised that after Ukraine joins the Customs Union, the GDP growth of our country will be from 1.5% to 6% depending on the degree of integration, and neither Russia nor Ukraine has no serious experts who would consider the integration of the Customs Union to be anything else but extremely positive process for Ukraine.

Kiselev then called the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU fake. He said that such "empty" Association Agreements were signed by many countries, such as Chile, Tunisia, Mexico, Morocco, but they will never become EU members.

He also noted as a result of signing the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Ukraine, Ukraine's economy will collapse, industries such as aviation and space will disappear, and agriculture will be destroyed. According to him, a Free Trade Zone with Europe is a direct path to Ukraine's devastation.

"Yanukovych is scalded, not even staying for a planned night, the morning flew home. Case it is bad, is to scare everywhere - from the West and from the East," said Kiselev to Russians.

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