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 Before the Murder Shcherban Talked About Impeaching Kuchma, Says Business Partner of Slain Oligarch

A former business partner of Yevhen Shcherban, head of ATON Board of Founders Yurii Dedukh said that before his death Shcherban was thinking on the idea of resignation of Leonid Kuchma.

He said during the Exclamation Point program on TVi, reports Censor.NET.

"On November 3 we did not talk. I talked with Yevhen on November 2 he was at Kobzon's anniversary. We talked on the phone. During the call, he was trying to warn me that the situation is very tense, that he plans to go to Kyiv on November 3 for impeachment of then President Kuchma. Then planned to visit me in Tallinn," said Dedukh.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n235582