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 Assassination Attempt - in Downtown Kyiv Explosive Device Thrown at Oligarch Rabonivich’s Car

В понедельник, 4 марта, в Киеве, приблизительно в 15:36, в районе метро «Кловская» (ул.Мечникова) совершено покушение на сопредседателя Европейского еврейского парламента (EJP), президента Всеукраинского еврейского конгресса, известного бизнесмена Вадима Рабиновича.

It is reported by MIGnews.

His car was leaving the courtyard of the office and from a vacant house next door an explosive device was thrown. The car was damaged. Enormous power of the blast was heard on Mechnikova street, some houses have shattered windows, the alarms went off on many cars in the nearby parking lot.

The details are being clarified, a group of law enforcement officers promptly arrived at the scene.

Earlier this year, Vadim Rabinovich appealed to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine regarding the attempts to take away his TV Jewish News One.

The law enforcement officers at the scene cordoned off the scene of the explosion and interrogate witnesses. One of the women in the presence of law enforcement and the media reported that she saw a man of medium height, 30 years old, wearing a baseball cap which covered most of the face, who after the explosion started running towards the house on Pervomaiskoho street and disappeared in the yards.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n234931