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 Russia to Ukraine: "By Yourself Means by Yourself. Do not get Upset then"

Ukraine, refusing to join the Customs Union, has no right to complain to Russia about the collapse of bilateral cooperation.

This was stated by Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov at "Rossotrudnichestvo", reports NR.

"We understand that if the war in the modern world is not done by military means, it does not mean that it is not done. It just turned into an economic form. Wars can be currency, customs, resource ones. Competitive environment in which we live, compels the State to use them. Russia addresses the country, as we assume, in which we have no problem of a dialogue ... we believe that together we can negotiate the best terms. But what do we hear in reply, 'You know, perhaps, we will try, by ourselves.' "The Russian leaders in such cases, say: "Colleagues, we want just one thing - clarity. By yourself? Then by yourself. Only do no get upset then," said the diplomat.

"I am stuffed with specific examples. Here, there are a number of results, which the Russian government and the Ukrainian government was inclined to interpret as a joint success. Well, for example, in the production of AN-70. Now I will let you in on the dynamics: first, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation wanted to purchase 70 units, then - 60, the penultimate time - 16. now - zero. Because Russia began producing military transport aircraft Il-476, as any proposal remains relevant for a specified period. Well, the world is such, and thus my management works," he added.

"If over a period a response is not received, Russia looks for an alternative. Today we live with the limited time limit, and this feature of the country, which I represent in Ukraine is very well understood., But not always understood by the partners with whom we are cooperate," summed Zurabov.

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