Tax Service Hope Khoroshkovskyy and Firtash Will Pay Taxes on the Inter Deal

Minister if Charges and Income Oleksandr Klimenko hopes that participants in the sale of the TV channel Inter will pay appropriate taxes.

He said it on TVi in response to a question, whether the parties declared their income and whether taxes will be paid.

"We shall see, when they submit their reports for 2013, which will be in early 2014. But we hope that their tax culture and mentality of both sides are very high, so the taxes will be received by the state budget," Klimenko said.

It shall be noted that if resident of Ukraine Valerii Khoroshkovskyy received $ 2.5 billion by selling Inter - he has an obligation to pay tax on the income of an individual, namely the 17% tax on the operation.

Perhaps the Minister will be waiting in vain, since the agreement was conducted far outside Ukraine - in Cyprus offshore.

Private Joint Stock Company "TV Channel Inter" was founded 29% by Russia's "Channel One" (JSC "Channel One"), 10% - LLC "Pegasus Television", and finally a majority interest of 61% of the "Inter" is owned by "Ukrainian Media Project." This company, in turn, is founded 100% by the Cypriot company UA Inter media Group Limited, Cyprus.

By early 2013 it was owned by Khoroshkovsky, namely his Cypriot firm KH MEDIA LIMITED. After the new year, "the Cypriot person" 61% "Inter", UA Inter media Group Limited was bought by Firtash, namely, a Cypriot company GDF MEDIA LIMITED.

Thus, the whole operation for the sale of the largest Ukrainian TV channel was conducted in offshores.

In fact, obviously, it means that Khoroshkovsky-Firtash are not going to pay taxes on the sale and purchase transaction.

Note also that by creating a sale transaction in an offshore zone in Cyprus, Khoroshkovskyy and Firtash could price it at $ 2.5 billion, which experts call the market is extremely high or even at 10 billion. Checking the amount of the transaction and the funds flow is virtually impossible.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n234397