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 Yanukovych is Confident that You Can be a Little Bit Pregnant, Says Kwasniewski

Ukraine's leaders have lost incredibly large credibility given by the West thanks to the events of 2004-2005.

Former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski said this in Warsaw during the presentation of the book Polish politician Pavel Koval Between Maidan and Smolensk. "After the revolution I had the opportunity to be with Yushchenko in many places around the world - we were in Davos, in Brussels, in Washington. For him, all the doors were opened wider than for Valencia in 1990. Credibility of Ukraine was higher than for countries of Central and Eastern Europe in 1989-1990. To say the least, not to offend my Ukrainian friends, these advantages were not used, they were lost," said the politician.

"When it comes to the current Ukrainian elite, Yanukovych's team, I think that they are convinced that you can be a little bit pregnant. That is, for them the ideal solution is to be 30 percent in the Customs Union, and 70 in the European Union," said Kwasniewski. His speech at the launch of Kwasniewski concluded by saying, "I really believe that Ukrainian future will decide the future of Europe, and this is no exaggeration."

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