Wages Debt in Ukraine Exceeds 1 Billion Hryvnia: Donetsk Oblast in the Lead

Leadership for unpaid wages is still retained by Donetsk oblast. Kyiv is in third place.

It is reported by ZN.UA.

As of February 1, the total arrears of wages in Ukraine amounted to 1 billion 5.149 million hryvnia. Compared with the beginning of 2013 the amount of debt increased by 12.5%.

As the State Statistics Service reports the leader in unpaid wages remains Donetsk oblast (208 million 954 thousand UAH). High levels of debt is also recorded in the Kharkiv oblast (115 million 145 thousand UAH) and Kiev (87 million 282 thousand UAH).

The lowest level of debt - in Chernivtsi (171 thousand UAH), Rivne (1 million 380 thousand UAH) and Volyn oblast (4 million 310 thousand UAH).

Most debt is still in the industry (581 million 762 thousand USD), transport, storage, postal and courier activities (105 million 498 thousand USD) and construction (100 million 209 thousand UAH).

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n234272