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 Party of Regions promised Putin that Russian will Become Second State Language in Ukraine

Russia is not going to interfere in the internal political processes in Ukraine, but expects that in the Russian-Ukrainian relations, common sense will prevail, including on the issue of the Russian language, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

RIA Novosti cites him saying "It's nice to hear today such kind words to the Russian language in Ukraine, about the care of the Russian-speaking citizens. We've always thought about it. But I want to say that we treat the Ukrainian language with equal respect. We have no intention to interfere in the domestic political debate in Ukraine, counting on the fact that common sense will prevail," Putin said on Friday at a ceremony to present state awards in the Kremlin.

During the ceremony, awards were given to several citizens of Ukraine.

The President stressed that Russia "is equally respectful of the representatives of different political parties and movements in Ukraine. We expect only one thing, that this common sense will push us to work together for the benefit of our countries and our people," - said Putin. He also stressed that in Russia treats Ukrainians as a brotherly people, despite differences between countries on a range of issues, including the gas one. I was especially pleased to see here today representatives of our fraternal Ukraine.

I want to stress this word - fraternal Ukraine. Because of our endless disputes on gas we somehow forget about the main thing that we are really fraternal peoples," said the Russian President. According to Radio Echo of Moscow, in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin awarded the Pushkin Medal to Ukrainian deputy Serhii Kivalov. He said that Ukraine is planning to amend the Constitution and make Russian the second official language.

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