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 Secret Ministry of Justice Report: Number of Suicides in Ukrainian Prisons Increased by 34%

People simply cannot survive inhuman hygiene conditions and diseases.

Censor.NET has at the disposal a secret report of Ministry of Justice on a sharp increase in deaths in custody.

Analysis of the data shows that over the past two years the number of suicides among prisoners has been steadily increasing in our prisons and the mortality rate among those who are serving sentences has spiked.

For example, if during 2008-2010 correctional institutions recorded 40-44 suicides, in 2011 it rose by 34%. In 2012 65 people "voluntarily departed this life" among them - 14 people made this decision while still in detention centers. Some simple calculations suggest that the suicide rate situation has worsened by about 50% compared to previous years.

Extremely high mortality rate remains, both in prisons and among the detainees. Thus in 2012, 1021 prisoners dies, including 179 - in detention centers. And this is 33% higher than the average for 2008-2010. According to estimates of human rights activists, mortality statistics is creeping up because of poor conditions. The situation with the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis and AIDS among prisoners and detainees is catastrophic. And the real numbers of "carriers" of these diseases is being stubbornly covered up from the Ukrainian and international public by the Penitentiary Service.

We asked human rights activist Eduard Bagirov to comment on our findings: "The question of death in the prison system has always been the number one problem, and it was repeatedly voiced," says Eduard Bagirov. "And it is a very important issue for the country, especially today. After all, one of the criteria for admission to the EU is the conditions of prisoners in the penitentiary service. And health care, and prison conditions. If people are dying of old age - that is one thing, but if they are dying because there are not have enough doctors, medicine, when there are work-related injuries, when there are safety violations - that is completely other.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n233745