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 Kuzmin: PGO Has Enough Evidence Linking Kuchma to Gongadze Murder

Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin said that further investigation is carried out regarding customers of Georgy Gongadze murder.

He said this on the air of Echo of Moscow.

"(Old) resolution regarding Kuchma was signed by me personally. But the rules of the old legislation allowed the suspect to appeal the resolution," reminded Kuzmin.

He noted that the judge who dismissed the case because Kuzmin cited as evidence the Melnichenko tapes with "dubious origin story."

"Under the new procedure, we have registered the decision and launched an investigation to establish the persons who ordered the murder," said Kuzmin.

Answering the question whether the prosecution can prove that Kuchma ordered the killing, Kuzmin said: "We have sufficient evidence to prove the involvement of Kuchma in the crime, and now we are investigating and gathering all possible evidence."

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