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 Penitentiary Service Set Four Conditions for Tymoshenko’s Transportation to Kyiv

Defender of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko MP Serhii Vlasenko said that the chief of the Kachanivska colony Ihor Kolpashchikov on Monday set four conditions for his client under which she would have been delivered yesterday to Kiev for questioning of a witness in the murder of Yevhen Shcherban.

It is reported by Kommersant-Ukraine.

As reported earlier, the Pechersk district court has been hearing the case since February 6 without Yulia Tymoshenko who accused of organizing the crime. Tymoshenko's absence was explained by the State Penitentiary Service by her refusal to come to court. The defense denied this information, providing the court with a statement of ex Prime Minister.

"The representatives of the colony asked Yulia Tymoshenko on camera to answer four questions: whether she can herself get down from the ninth floor to the first (of the Ukrzaliznytsia hospital); whether she confirms that she will withstand a seven-hour ride in a paddy from Kharkiv to Kiev; whether she can independently go to the courtroom of Pechersk district court of Kyiv, whether she can come back on her own," said Vlasenko. He noted that, according to the Criminal Procedure Code, the escorting procedure does not give the right for the colony employees to record a video conversation with the prisoners and set any demands.

For its part, the General Prosecutor's Office yesterday accused Tymoshenko of manipulating public opinion in the matter of her transpportation to the court. "If a person really wants to participate in the investigation, he does it," said deputy

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