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 We are Ready to Vote in Any Way: Even Beating our Heads on the Wall, Yefremov

Regions deputy said that his party was initially prepared to work in accordance with the law.

Yefremov gave a briefing on the results of the parliamentary day, reports Censor.NET.

"An orgy with blocking the rostrum still continues. But today there is a slight convergence of views happening, and I hope that we will find a common language," says the Regions deputy. "All members should come to the session hall to vote. We also raise the question of how to determine the responsibility for blocking the rostrum. The Presidential election has begun and the opposition has a number of candidates who are demonstrating their radical character. And it brings nothing but problems.

In fact, we will make changes to the regulations regarding personal responsibility for the work in the session hall. All of these provisions of the law already exist. Why did they need to paralyze the Parliament for two weeks - I don't know. We were initially prepared to work in accordance with the law.

Responding to a question about when a the Rada will start working, Yefremov said: "You should ask Mr. Klitschko this question. Can anyone explain to me why is Udar blocking the rostrum? We have a law on the Regulation, according to which you cannot block the rostrum. We lost two weeks and 35 million hryvnia for the Verkhovna Rada that is playing kid's games," said the deputy. "We are ready to vote in any way. Even hitting the wall with our heads."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n233610