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 He's not Sick. He is Alive and Kicking, Son of Witness Shcherban was not Warned What to Say About Father's Illness

Volodymyr Scherban is in good health and is ready to testify at the trial regarding the murder of MP Yevhen Shcherban.

This was stated by his son MP Artem Shcherban commenting the fact that the Prison Service postponed the questioning scheduled for February 19 because of his father's illness.

"My father is not ill, he is alive and kicking," said the deputy Artem Shcherban in the Parliament.

The deputy said that according to his information the hearing where his father will be interrogated is to be held today and not tomorrow.

"I spoke to him on Sunday ... But he told me (the date of the court hearing), I think, Wednesday. Yesterday I myself was surprised to read that the hearing is on Tuesday," said Shcherban Jr. noted.

The Son of the witness confirmed that his father has been officially summoned to court, and that he intends to come and testify.

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