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 Deputies Beat up in Kyiv Bazaar: They are Defending it Alongside Activists

Opposition’s Oleksandr Bryhynets reports on Svoboda’s visit to the construction site.

The deputy stated that a fight broke out in the Bazaar.

By efforts of Svoboda and activists Bazaar has been reclaimed! Me and Andrii Pavlovskyy were 10 minutes late and were the first people who came in the courtyard through the main gate," the deputy reported a few minutes before the incident.

"On the second floor of the Bazaar in several rooms the developer's people barricaded guarded by men in black unmarked uniforms. The deputies want to get to them. The gates are broken, a fight broke out, deputies are being beat up," wrote Bryhynets.

Later, the deputy informed: "Police is trying to pull the activists through the window into the wagons. Deputies are defending alongside the activists. Pavlovskyy and I just rescued Levchenko from the police. We cannot get everyone!"

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n233501