Yanukovych on Destroyed Roads: It’s a Simple Physical Effect. It’s the Climate We Have

Chief motorist of the country Viktor Yanukovych Jr. accused harsh Ukrainian climate in the ruined roads.

First vice-president of the Federation of Ukrainian Motorists (FUM) Viktor Yanukovych Jr. stated this during the celebration of twenty years of the organization at the Ukraine National Palace of Arts, reports the Comments.

"As for the state of the roads, we are having a really snowy winter this year and the asphalt, as they say, came off along with the snow. Unfortunately, Ukraine is in a rather harsh climatic conditions, sharply continental climate, with frequent drops near zero degrees - the worst temperature for the road," stated the head of the FUM.

Viktor Yanukovych Jr. noted that the old roads as well as the new ones built in preparation for Euro-2012 did not survive the weather conditions.

"Unfortunately, it is a simple physical effect - the roads are simply ripped by ice. And I have seen it on the roads of different quality. I as a person who knows about construction and technology watched some of the roads being built. Latest roads that were built in Ukraine for Euro - they were built according to the standards, in accordance with the technology. But I realize that, unfortunately, we have such a tough winter, which even these roads did not survive," said the head of the Federation of Ukrainian Motorists.
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