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 New Prosecution Witness Testifies Referring to Husband of his Wife's Sister that he had a Drink with

New PGO witness in his testimony referred to the words of the husband of his late wife's sister.

This is reported by Censor.NET correspondent from the court.

Witness Zaytsev said that his late wife was the sister of Kirichenko's wife. According to him, his family had a friendly relationship with Lazarenko's first wife Tamara. November 30, 1998 in San Francisco, home of Kirichenko they were drinking, and then Kirichenko in the yard of his home told him how much he's done for Lazarenko.

In the same conversation Kirichenko supposedly told him that he contacted Lazarenko with Minchenko and Kushnir - very serious Donetsk people. In the same conversation Kirichenko told him how "at the airport men changed into police uniforms. According to Zaytsev, he did not attach any importance to this time, but later found out from the media about the Shcherban murder. Also, according to the witness, Kirichenko told him that he had given "Shurik (Minchenko) a million for Shcherban." During the conversations the witness learned from Lazarenko that he did not like the Donetsk clan.

In the same conversation, November 30, 1998 (the birthday of the witness' wife) Kirichenko said that the Sailor (Minchenko) wanted to throw Tymoshenko out of business. Kirichenko, according to him, had hostile relations with Tymoshenko.

He also said that Kirichenko said that "this fool (Tymoshenko) paid for it" (allegedly for the murder of Shcherban) - three mil which he understood to be three million.

In addition the witness answering the question whether Tymoshenko knew Minchenko, said no. After that, the prosecutor repeated the question again, provoking objections from the defense. At the second attempt the witness stated that Kirichenko told him that he introduced Tymoshenko to Minchenko.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n233233