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 Instead of Maryinkov They Could Bring Anybody - it Would be More Efficient, Moskal

Batkivschyna MP Hennadii Moskal is surprised that law enforcement officers decided to bring Ihor Maryinkov into the process of the Shcherban case.

"You could bring anyone into this trial. It would be more efficient for the state prosecution as today they pulled out a man who had been mothballed for who? For Lazarenko. At first testimony he testified only against Lazarenko, " said Moskal on TVi.

Moskal also drew attention to the fact that earlier Maryinkov did not give incriminating testimony against Tymoshenko. The deputy stated that he does not believe the witness' statements that his testimony was not heard by the representatives of the prosecutor's office: at that the law enforcement was working hard to put Tymoshenko away.

"He said that the General Prosecutor's Office blocked the testimony ... Tell me, did Kuchma love Tymoshenko? Did Potebenko (ex Prosecutor General) love Tymoshenko? They tried to put her away at any cost, just could not find anything," said Moskal.

The deputy proposed to question the investigators who previously worked the case and found nothing.

"Let the investigating judge interrogate all participants of the investigation group. And they were highly qualified people, they were all pressured to look for something on Tymoshenko," said Moskal.

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