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 Fake News About Vlasenko and Kuzhel Were Done by UNIAN Management

UNIAN site editors claim that the news about Serhii Vlasenko being sureveilled by bears and Oleksandra Kuzhel are an example of paid journalism.

This was said in a statement on the scandalous news, published on Monday.

"For us, it is clear that falsified comments of deputies Vlasenko and Kuzhel, which appeared on the agency's website are an example of paid journalism. We can only guess who the customers are."

They say that after last year's conflict with management regarding censorship of the UNIAN website, the editorial team was "strengthened" by four people and thus the problem of "sensitive" issues was partially removed (although appointed chief editor Mariana Oliynyk subsequently refused to continue the contract of employment)."

"Of course, the new editors, in contrast to us "locals" (as we were christened by editor-in-chief Hannytskyy) are loyal to the management and do all the dirty work. We are afraid they may all become submissive victims of information warfare, with the main "trophy" being the agency's reputation which would be equivalent to its destruction," note the editors.

"For us it is absolutely clear that the responsibility for this should be held by Agency CEO Vadym Osadchyy and chief editor Mikhail Hannytskyy.

Unfortunately, all attempts of the staff and the union cell to find common ground with the management for the effective operation of the agency in general, and the site in particular, have been unsuccessful," stressed the signatories.

The letter was signed by UNIAN site editors: Volynskyy Oleksandr, Zhalovaha Lyubov, Nehriy Natalia, Ovdienko Natalia, Romanenko Valentina and Romaniuk Roman.

As you know, on Monday, the agency published the news of Serhii Vlasenko supposedly stating that the regime tried to poison him three times and that he was being watched by law enforcement agencies in suits of "cartoon bears." And then another piece of news was published where he specified that it was the GPO surveilling him and not the SSU.

In the evening, the press service of Batkivschyna stated that Vlasenko did not give any comments and interviews and this one is a fake. In addition, the agency issued a fake interview with Oleksandra Kuzhel with four paragraphs of the fictional text.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n232904