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 Ukrainian Government Confidence Level Breaks all European Records

In terms of confidence in the institutions of power according to the European Social Survey Ukraine takes the last place among the European countries.

UNIAN reports that this was announced during a round table Prospects for Modernization in Ukraine and Trends in the Public Consciousness by deputy director of the Institute of Sociology of NAS of Ukraine, Ph.D. Yevhen Holovakh.

Thus, he noted that in 2011, the trust of Ukrainians to the Parliament was 1.99 points on a scale of 10 (last place among 26 European countries), the credibility of the judicial system was 2.26 points (last place), the credibility of police - 2.5 points (last place).

In terms of trusting the politicians (1.85 points) Ukraine is second only to Greece, and to the credibility of the political parties (1.99 points) ahead of only Greece and Croatia and is located at the same level with Bulgaria.

Comparison of four waves of research shows that the highest levels of trust in public institutions were in 2005, and the lowest during the crisis of 2009.

In addition, the study notes that the indicators of trust are highly correlated with the level of satisfaction of citizens. Thus, in 2011 the Ukrainians were the least satisfied with their lives when compared with citizens in 26 European countries (4.82 points on a 10 point scale).

Ukrainians also feel the least happy (5.86 points), in dissatisfaction with the performance of the government (2.25 points) and the economy (2.25 points) worse Ukrainians felt only the Greeks.

At the same time Golovakh expressed belief that the distrust of Ukrainians to the reforms in the country is the worst factor. "It's not the mistrust to the authorities that is worrying but the fact that the country has not succeeded, despite the many declarative statements, to develop a real program of reforms," he said.

Institute of Sociology of Ukrainian NAS has been taking part in international comparative project "European Social Survey" since 2005. A total of four waves of surveys (2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011.). Every time 2,000 respondents in the sample representing the adult population of Ukraine were polled.

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