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 Ukraine is Turning into Belarus. Obama Has Nothing to Talk About with Yanukovych

U.S. President Barack Obama is unlikely to meet with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in the near future.

This was stated in an interview with LIGABusinessInform by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer, who was one of three former U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine who called on the new head of the U.S. State Department, John Kerry not to meet with Yanukovych.

"I said that the U.S. should maintain normal diplomatic relations with Ukraine, but President Obama should not meet with President Yanukovych until the situation with democracy has improved," explained Pifer.

"I cannot speak on behalf of the U.S. government, but at this point, President Obama is very busy, and any urgent matters that would force him to meet with Yanukovych do not exist. So I would not expect such a meeting in the near the future, "- he said.

"Ukraine, heading towards becoming second Belarus instead of second Poland will have difficult attracting the attention of the Obama administration. Especially given priorities in foreign policy, which the White House has to deal with today," said Pifer.

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