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 Poroshenko: Regime Wanted to Bend the Deputies but Failed. Now They Want to Break the Backbone of Parliamentarism

The regime could not bend the deputies, so now it is breaking the backbone of judiciary and parliamentary system.

This was stated on ICTV by businessman, MP Petro Poroshenko when commenting on the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC), which deprived deputies Pavlo Baloga and Oleksandr Dombrovskyy of their mandates, reports Gazeta.ua.

"7 SAC judges in violation of all the laws, not waiting for the plaintiff, without analyzing the evidence, decided to deprive deputies of the mandates they did not give them," he asked.

Poroshenko said: "They wanted to bend the deputies. That failed. Now they want to break the backbone (of parliamentarism) by this decision - it will fail, too. Because they are breaking spine is broken Ukrainian judicial system, Ukrainian parliamentarism."

The deputy is convinced that now all the political forces should unite on this issue and to confront the "shameless government."

"If a judge makes a decision on the matters he was not given any powers neither by the law nor by the Constitution, tomorrow they will decide that in spite of the moratorium on the death penalty, to shoot someone. An investigator will not like something, he will assume that it is representative of the law and use weapon in your home. This position, that is, the absolute power of impudence, to date, must be firmly condemned by all forces in the parliament," he stressed.

Poroshenko said that "they cannpt act this way against the Ukrainian democracy, the Ukrainian Constitution."

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