Cabinet Approved New Traffic Rules with Numerous Innovations

On April 15, new edition of traffic rules adopted yesterday at a closed meeting of the Cabinet will be introduced in Ukraine.

According to Kommersant Ukraine new traffic rules will include many innovations.

For example, the concepts of a "lawn" ("land of homogeneous areas with turf surface, which is artificially created by planting and growing herbs") and "maneuvering" ("beginning of a movement to move a vehicle from one lane to another, turn to the right or left, turn around, reverse, exit to the curb"). Stopping and parking on lawns will be prohibited.

"We have specified certain provisions of TR, introduced new definitions. All changes made to with consideration of the international experience and are aimed at the prevention of accidents and increasing road safety," said head of the Center for Safety and Automation Systems at the Ministry of Interior Serhii Budnik.

Thus, according to the new traffic rules, the night time is "part of the day from sunset to sunrise." Earlier, it was envisaged that the period from the end of evening twilight (30 minutes after sunset) until the early morning twilight (30 minutes before sunrise). In addition, under the new rules, road signs take precedence over road markings. "Previously the signs often contradicted the markings," says expert in the field of transport law, partner of law firm OCP Anton Kravchenko, who participated in the development of amendments. "It so happens that the markup indicates the possibility of movement of the band in different directions, and the sign above road shows that the move can be just right. At that it was not clear what should guide the driver. Priority will now be assigned to a permanent sign."

Among other things, there will be a number of new traffic signs, such as "Tram stop", "End of tram stop", "cult structure", "Industrial Zone", "Photo-, video recording of violations." White and yellow road markings will be added with blue markings (parking space on the road) and orange (temporary markings).

The new version contains a provision according to which from October 1 to May 1, all vehicles outside the city limits will have to go with running lights or beams. This, the authors believe will improve the driver's reaction to changing road conditions.

Excluded from traffic is the item according to which overtaking is allowed on the left side. "This item contradict the notion of "overtaking", which in itself provides for going to the opposite lane, located just to the left while moving the vehicle. To the right, as you know, there can only be lanes in the same direction with you," told one of the traffic policemen, noting that the amendment does not provide permission to overtake by driving on side of the road.

The provision for requiring drivers when on the road to wear a reflective vest at night was excluded from the final version of the new edition of the TR. It also has no clear position on the need to change the tires with the new season. It is indicated that in the case of continuous operation of the vehicle on the road with slippery roadway "tires appropriate for the roadway are recommended."

"In developing this position we have taken into account the international experience. Abroad changing tires is not tied to the time of the year or specific dates. Drivers need to understand themselves when to change tires," said Budnik.

According to the chief editor of Road Control Oleksii Kyryenko, the approved changes "produce mixed feelings." "Headlights outside the city are needed. This practice operates in Europe and is generally effective," he said. "At the same time, the situation regarding road signs and markings is not clear. For drivers it is easier to navigate based on the markup. The markings shall correspond to the signs, or it may happen that, for example, there is a prohibiting sign and the marking permits going straight or turning. Then accidents happen or you can be pulled over by the police."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n232818