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 Scandal in Ukrainian Basketball: Donetsk Team Took Referees into Forest and Threatened them with Murder!

Ukrainian basketball is in the epicenter of a scandal.

Sport Obozrevatel reports that on January 24 after the game of Khartsyzsk vs Avantazh-Polytechnic (Kharkiv), in which the guests won with a score of 88:86, there was a rumor that the representatives of the home team were extremely happy with the result, and as they say in "held a conversation with the referees. Namely they threatened and intimidated the referees. As a consequence, the next day Khartsyzsk easily won - 114:90.

The first to raise the matter of pressuring the judges were visitors of the basket.com.ua site. In particular, a fan named Dream wrote in the comments: "After the first game (when Khartsyzsk lost) the president of the club took the referees and the Commissioner out of the city and with his men tried to intimidate the referee panel. I wonder how Federation will react...".

One of the referees of the scandalous match, Mykola Ambrosov told about the details of the incident:

"This is a very unpleasant story, I do not like to relive it ... But we cannot be silent! After all, what happened in Khartsyzsk is a real lawlessness! In the course of the game the president of the local club threatened my colleagues - Oleksandr Bide and Oleksii Shyrobokov. And after the final siren me and the Commissioner got ours. Unknown people, as they say in these cases, of athletic physique and intimidating appearance did not let me go into the locker room. I had to listen to a sea of foul language and threats! When I finally got to the locker room to my colleagues, these thugs burst in there and then began to insult and threaten us. They all demanded us by any means "to resolve the issue with the result," since, according to them, the local team lost due to biased refereeing. We did not go for it and said that if there is a claim to arbitration, they must file a protest in accordance to rules. After that, we were told that we should leave our things in the locker room and went to resolve the matter. This was said in a tone that we did not dare arguing. We were taken out into the street, put into car and taken to a terrible place - a derelict factory near the forest. There again they threatened and insulted us... Only after long humiliation they brought us back to the city."

The victims have already submitted a report to the Basketball Federation of Ukraine.

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