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 These are not Courts but Corrupt Frightened Creatures, Pavlovskyy on Baloha and Dombrovskyy

The opposition is ready to fight against the unlawful decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine.

Batkivschyna's Andrii Pavlovskyy commented on deprivation of Baloha and Dombrovskyy mandates, reports Censor.NET. Opposition deputy stated the view that if you unleash unlawful decisions than any deputy can be under attack next.

It is inadequate ruling. But on the other hand, Dombrovskyy encountered the same lawlessness through which he became a deputy. We believe that the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court itself is illegal and unconstitutional. The Constitution defines only 5 reasons why the deputy can be deprived of authority. For example, death, or permanent relocation to another country, if he/she is missing, or if a court decision holds him criminally liable but each decision must be voted for by the Parliament. This is a mess. The law stipulates that there are five days to challenge the election results. These terms are long gone. And they took the oath," he said.

"It's like challenging the election results of 2010 when Yanukovych won. We simply do not have courts but corrupt frightened creatures. They do what they say they do Bankova. Thus any person may be deprived of any capacity.

Pavlovskyy said the opposition is ready to fight for the restoration of the rule of law in case of Dombrovskyy and Baloha.

"Now we can collect 45 signatures and urgently appeal to the Constitutional Court on the legality of the decision. And we are ready to do so, especially given that the opposition has a lot more that 45 votes. We will not fight for Dombrovskyy but for the rule of law."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n232728