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 I Don't Like the Decision on Baloha. I Would not Like it if my Mandate was Taken Away Like This, Lukianov

Party of Regions deputy says the court decision is unlawful since the power is given by the people.

MP from the Party of Regions Vladyslav Lukianov commented the Ukrainian court decision on the Deprivation of Baloha and Dombrovskyy deputy mandates.

"It reminds me of how in the last convocation BYuT conducted various special ops inside the party and the Party of Regions was guilty. Exactly the same situation now - Karmazin implacable fighter against the majority in the last convocation, files a suit against the opposition. Now I do not presume to assess the work of the court. I think if the decision was made, then the judges had some reason for it. Similarly, Karmazin probably had some arguments," said Lukianov. "My own position is that I do not like that the judiciary branch decides on the deputies. If the MP was sworn in, probably, it probably shall be a different procedure. But in principle, I do not like it. I do not want to have someone deprived me of the mandate this way. It was given to me by the voters.

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