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 Kyiv and Moscow Looking to Agree on Ukrainian GTS Management Without the EU, Source

Ukraine is no longer hoping for assistance from the EU in solving the gas issue. Last week it held talks on bilateral consortium with Russia to manage the Ukrainian gas transport system.

Kommersant-Ukraine in article Pipe for Two writes that its sources in the sources in the Ministry of Energy explain this by tightening credit conditions for the modernization of the GTS from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the passive position of the EU on the issue of gas supplies from Europe.

Source of the media in the Ukrainian Energy Ministry said that during the meeting of Deputy Prime Minister Yurii Boiko and Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller last week, Ukraine demanded the monopoly that the future consortium was created on a parity basis, and did not own, but only managed the GTS.

"We were told that the contract should have a fixed principle that we must transport at least 60 billion cubic meters of gas per year and guarantee payment for transit services in the amount of $ 2.2 billion," said the source.

He noted that the parties have to discuss whether to apply the principles of ship-or-pay and the possible refraining of the Ukrainian side from the principle of equal access to the GTS pledged in its agreement with the Energy Community (EC).

Russia insists that the decision on how and whose gas will be pumped should be decided by the future consortium. The price of gas for Ukraine in this case must be reduced to $ 280 per thousand cubic meters. "There is no more of the integration of Ukraine into the Customs Union as a means of reducing the price of gas," says the source.

The source also explained that Ukraine has to resort to the creation of a consortium without European parties: this is due to the fact that the EBRD tightened credit conditions for the modernization of the GTS.

In 2009 Ukraine, the European Commission, the EBRD, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the World Bank signed an agreement on the possibility of multilateral financing of the modernization. Total program was estimated at $ 5 billion, with the first $ 300 million pledged by the EBRD and the EIB. Earlier the EBRD has repeatedly stressed that they are willing to finance the modernization of the GTS only when a major reform in the energy sector.

The source of Kommersant-Ukraine also notes the emergence of problems with gas supplies from Europe: "In the negotiations with the European Commission, we cannot get the basic things - that we, as members of the Energy Community are protected from bypassing Russian pipelines, so Slovakia is persuaded to follow the EU rules in our regard and allow the reverse pumping of gas."

According to him, after the introduction of South Stream the losses on transit may reach 35-45 billion cubic meters of gas a year.

According to analysts, a turn towards Russia may have a negative impact on plans to reduce dependence on Russian gas. In addition, experts believe that the two-way consortium disadvantageous Ukraine.

Last week, President Viktor Yanukovych criticized the EC for not help Ukraine.

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