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 Kuzhel May be Accused of a Crime Punishable by 10 Years Imprisonment

Opposition deputy Oleksandra Kuzhel thinks the rumors about charges against her with the Supreme Administrative Court decision on revoking the deputy authorities of Pavlo Baloha and Oleksandr Dombrovskyy.

Kuzhel wrote on her Facebook page:

"Yesterday several respectable journalists told me that there are serious rumors about charges of nationals security threat (Article 109 of the Criminal Code) punishable by 3 to 10 years of incarceration. On the same day there was another unprecedented event. Two MPs were stripped of their deputies' authority by a decision of the Supreme Administrative Court. One because he refused to join the majority, and the other one - for planning to leave the majority. It is a sign of intimidation to all the "rebels." This is an open demonstration that in Ukraine one can be convicted on the orders of the authorities. And let no man be deceived - the fate of political prisoner Tymoshenko may be the fate of any Ukrainian. In this country there is no law or court. In this country, there is only chaos - legal and criminal," wrote the politician.

Oleksandra Kuzhel also said she was not going to leave Ukraine.

"One of the reporters asked if I was going to leave Ukraine, to preserve my freedom? No, I am not going to. Ukraine is my country, my homeland. As well as for tens of millions of my fellow countrymen. My sons have been born here and live here. My granddaughters have been born here and live here. Here, at the cemetery in Kyiv are the graves of my father and mother. This is our country, our land, the land of normal people who deserve to be happy in their own country," she said.

She also wrote that she is not afraid of the government's reprisals: "I was asked if I am scared. No, I am not scared. You can be afraid of someone who is stronger. It is them who are afraid - those who sic their jackals on us. Because they have something to lose - hunting grounds, which extend throughout the Ukraine, a gold-mine filled by the labor of each of us. And we have nothing that can be taken away but freedom, life, human dignity and love for the people."

"More than 90 years ago, Nikolay Berdyaev, one of the sailing on "philosophy ships" and unsuccessfully resolving the crucial dilemma - go to jail or leave the country, representative of those who disagree with terror was told:" We hope that when you come to Western Europe, you will see who is right."

So, this dilemma for many today became a kind of basic behavioral matrix for Ukrainians. And it is the basis that largely determines the ineffectiveness and perversity of Ukrainian politics, economics, and life. And because I know that very soon another boat will float abroad - not a philosophical one but one filled with thieves, murderers, and large and small dictators. It will float to where all that is dear to them - big beautiful villas with marble staircases leading to the warm ocean, their aging abandoned wives and young vivacious girlfriends, preparing to grab their share of the loot. Where their children live, ashamed of their uneducated parents with criminal records and shameful present, which cannot be corroded at any price.

A dilemma, the solution for which has troubled numerous generations can be solved very easily.

Each of us needs to stop being afraid. Remember the words of Leonid Andreyev that when they hit one honest person - all honest persons should feel the pain and anger of the trampled human dignity. And you have to fight - every day, every hour - with swaggering official, humiliating you because he has the power - even a small one. With impunity of the the sentencing judge who is doing it not even for the money, but at the order from Bankova. With police sadists. With bribe taking tax officials. With heartless doctors, indifferent teachers. With embezzling Ministers.

And to know that the worst thing is to live in fear with no respect for your own life and actions. The worst thing is to forget, cease to remember that you are a human being," wrote Kuzhel.

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