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 Supreme Administrative Court Took Away Parliamentary Seats of Baloha and Dombrovskyy

The Supreme Administrative Court overturned the authority of MPs Pavlo Baloha and Oleksandr Dombrovskyy.

This was written on Facebook by deputy Viktor Baloha, reports Censor.NET.

"Judges ruled: to recognize the lack of authority of the deputy; admit lack of status of MP, recognize the need for re-election in District 71, repeal the decision of the CEC to register Pavlo Baloha deputy. The decision is final.

"That is the first time in the history of Ukraine when in the unconstitutional way the elected deputy's authority is taken away by the court, and not the people who provided them. That is why the elections in this country have become a formality, since the deputies can already be assigned in the courts," wrote Baloha.

Pavlo Baloha won the election in district 71 in Zakarpattia against Regions Stepan Derkach, who once was an assistant and a deputy of Mykola Rudkovskyy in the Ministry of Transport.

On the first day of the seventh convocation of the Verkhovna Rada Balogh took the oath of MP as per the existing procedure, reports the United Center press service.

The UC asks opposition political forces to defend the mandate of Baloha, who joined the Party of Regions on the second day, and then came out of the faction.

Oleksandr Dombrovskyy got scandalous victory in the 11th district of Vinnitsa against representative Batkivschyna Natalia Soleiko. Now he does not belong to any faction in the Verkhovna Rada."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n232550