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 Russia Wants All or Nothing, Foreign Minister on Customs Union

The position of the Customs Union is that Ukraine has the option to either become a member or not to participate in co-operation at all.

In an interview to Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara stated: "We offered Russia a formula of "one plus one", that is, the three countries of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) plus Ukraine sign only those documents that do not conflict with our obligations to the EU," said the Minister. "Unfortunately, the position of the Customs Union is such - either sign all or nothing."

According to Kozhara, Ukraine hopes to challenge the definitive position of Russia.

"Russia remains our powerful trading partner, but we are also very important to the Russian economy. Therefore, I hope that we will be able to achieve the end result of our understanding on the cooperation with the Customs Union," said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

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