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 Party of Regions Will Ask Pshonka to Open Criminal Investigation Regarding Yatsenyuk

The deputies of the Party of Regions faction demand for head of Batkivschyna Arseniy Yatsenyuk to be charged with financial abuse in the manufacture of Rada-3 system, said the representative of the Party of Regions faction Vladyslav Lukianov, TVi reports.

"This system was financed in violation of the law and the order of using public funds. For such deeds low-ranking officials are criminally responsible," reports TSN.ua.

In his view, the person involved in Rada-3 system matter is the number 1 of Batkivschyna - Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Lukianov argues that there was no coordination with the budget committee and the financing was not included in Rada estimate.

He also added that the decision to allocate money for the Rada-3 was made by the then Speaker of Parliament alone.

"The budget funds were not used for other expenses, were supposed to be returned to the state budget. In that situation, they have been used at the sole discretion of Yatsenyuk and spent according to his personal orders. For such decisions he was dismissed from his post," said the deputy.

Furthermore, he stated that he will personally ask the Prosecutor General to initiate criminal proceedings against Yatsenyuk.

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