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 Cox and Kwasniewski Came to Tymoshenko’s Shower. They Were Shocked to see the Cameras, Tymoshenko’s Daughter

The meeting of ex-President of the European Parliament Pat Cox and former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski with former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Kharkiv hospital took place in the shower room.

This was announced by her daughter Yevheniia Tymoshenko on Wednesday after a meeting with her mother, reports Interfax-Ukraine. "They came into the room where she is staying, in the shower," said Tymoshenko's daughter. According to her, the representatives of the European Parliament were horrified with the conditions of ex-Prime Minister in the hospital. "They were horrified by these conditions, they saw the monitors, saw the presence of male staff, security guards, saw the cameras, they have understood it, felt it ... They were shocked when they saw the cameras ... They have studied everything. They understand that it is impossible to recover in such circumstances," said Yevheniia Tymoshenko.

She did not say, what the representatives of the European Parliament discussed with Tymoshenko, saying only that they talked about the issues of their interest. "That I cannot tell you, I'm sorry ... The meeting went very well, it was warm. They discussed everything they needed to," said Tymoshenko. At the same time, Tymoshenko's daughter reported that German doctors from Charité clinic may come next week. "We were notified by the embassy that they supposedly will be here next week. They are aware of the deterioration of health, they must see and assess it themselves," said Yevheniia Tymoshenko.

She could not answer the question whether Tymoshenko took part in a video conference scheduled for Thursday in questioning a witness in the Shcherban case. At the same time, Yevheniia Tymoshenko noted on her mother's poor health. "Considering her health - she could not (participate)," said Yevheniia Tymoshenko. She informed the press that Tymoshenko will discuss the issue of participation in this questioning with her lawyer who should arrive on Thursday.

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