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 Potemkin Supermarket Prepared for Azarov in Kyiv

Kyiv supermarket, that may be inspected by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on Tuesday is staging a sharp decline in the prices for basic food products.

Komsomolskaia Pravda in Ukraine reports that almost the entire staff is at work. Girls in green overalls are scrubbing floors, others are shining the shelves, and still others are checking the expiration date of all goods. The administrator told the cashiers "anyone without a name tag will not work tomorrow."

Cashiers in their turn are surprised - they say "where should we get them over night?" Talking to journalists the administrator pretended that she has not heard anything regarding the arrival of the Prime Minister. It shall be noted that the prices in the supermarket are surprisingly low: eggs - 0.77 UAH, potatoes - from 2.3 UAH, carrots - from 2.7 UAH, chicken wings - 20 UAH per kilo, chicken legs - 24 UAH, fillet - 40 UAH , Vienna sausage - 57.79 UAH per kilo, liter of the cheapest vegetable oil - 11.16 UAH, a small Kyiv cake - 46.47 UAH, large tangerines - 15.7 UAH.

Whether these prices are a result of discounts, or, more likely, they became special for the arrival of Azarov. But the utility services apparently did not know of the arrival of the Prime Minister in advance, because the walk through the square is life threatening. Pecherska square is piled with snow up to a person's height and the pavement is iced. It is especially slippery in front of the supermarket.

It should be noted that on February 4 the Cabinet informed that on February 5, in order to check the prices, quality and origin of products, Mykola Azarov will visit a grocery store. It is known that journalists will gather at Pecherska square.

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