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 Party of Regions Friend in EU: I Sympathize with Yanukovych, but No One Will Believe Shcherban Case. It is Far Fetched

Member of the European Parliament from Latvia, a representative group of Socialists and Democrats Alexander Mirskiy, sympathetic to the Regions Party, commented on the new facts now published by the Ukrainian authorities in Shcherban case."

In a commentary to Glavnoe he said: "Of course, when the claim is made that Tymoshenko will get a life sentence it is not productive. Nobody in Europe will understand that the investigation had dug up a corpse and it suddenly spoke. If they did not bring the case to the end then, it is not worth pulling by the ears now."

He noted that hi is sympathetic with President Viktor Yanukovych and many of his steps. "But I will just be out of arguments, if Ukraine continues to take steps like that," said Mirskiy.

MEP said that at the time he had a conversation with former First Deputy Prime Minister Valerii Khoroshkovskyy and the Prosecutor General. "We have been discussing that we should be more balanced and tolerant on both sides. Indeed, while the cell where a woman lives has surveillance cameras, all the women of the European Parliament will not approve," said Mirskiy.

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