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 Events Around Khoroshkovskyy are Warning to Everyone. Even Kuchma is Afraid, Says Sobolev

Former President Leonid Kuchma defends ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko because he is afraid to be in her place.

In an interview to gazeta.ua Batkivschyna deputy Serhii Sobolev noted that "In Ukraine, they first started cracking down on the opposition, and then took on the entourage. Striking example of this is what's going on around Khoroshkovskyy and Inter TV channel. "This is a warning to all. Everybody understands that dictator Yanukovych has crossed the border. Kuchma's words can be interpreted as rudimentary defense of any person, no matter the attitude towards the opposition or Tymoshenko. Because everyone knows that in a country where the leaders of the opposition can be imprisoned for so many years you can do anything to anybody. Striking confirmation of this is what happened to Valerii Khoroshkovskyy and Inter TV channel. Simply look at what happened to the channel and where Khoroshkovskyy is today, why he does not appear anywhere in public - and we understand that this is no rumor, but a reality. If you check on Shufrych and Rudkovsky on taking away of their business, everything is obvious. This is something that has become public and obvious. So this is not a matter of protecting someone but the question of democracy in Ukraine," said Sobolev.

According to the MP, Kuchma's words create "a positive image by which Ukraine may still exist as a country."

"If the opposition leader is jailed without consequences for the political beliefs, it means that this could happen to anyone, as in the dashing 90s. They have crossed the line," said the Deputy.

According to him, "Everyone in Europe understands who Yanukovych is."

"If even Kuchma make such statements ... After that everything that Yanukovych does, it becomes apparent that he is a dictator with nothing human about him," he said.

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