A Man Shot on Yanukovych’s Hunting Grounds, Media Report

In the territory of the closed hunting reserve Sukholuchia 59-year-old Vasyl Kaliuzhnyy, who lived in the nearby village of Petrivske was shot. According to local residents, the incident occurred on Saturday, February 2, about 2:30 p.m.

The local told the press that to intimidate them Yanukovych's guards forbade them to disclose any details of the incident. The authorities and security agencies do not comment on this extraordinary event, reports Uapress.info.

The journalist of Uapress also said that when he tried to get comments from the guards he was detained for three hours by armed men in camouflage uniforms without any explanation, and then put in a van and taken to Liutezh which is located 20 kilometers from Vyshhorod.

Who and under what circumstances shot Vasyl Kaliuzhnyy the media does not report.

The Dnieper-Teterivske forest-hunting reserve in Sukholuchia is a hunting place with a house of President Viktor Yanukovych.

All entrances to the hunting territory are blocked by posts protected by a private security company, and the entire perimeter of tens of kilometers is surrounded by a huge moat, which can be overcome only by foot and only in certain places.

To get inside, you must be registered in of one of the surrounding villages. Otherwise, a request is required from the local people to the administration of the reserve, certifying that they are waiting for a person's visit, and only after that a one-time pass issued.

On the left - where the deceased lived. On the right - Sukholuchia

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